Prepaid Admissions & Passes

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Purchases can be made when you arrive or you can purchase online now to save time at the counter.  Simply print out and bring your receipt or order number with you to redeem your purchase.  These items are NOT shipped to you.


A Toddler is any child who is crawling up to 2 years old.


Please join us every Friday from 5-9pm for Friday Fun Nights to experience free bonus play in Jump's Inflatable Play Yard.  This area is free with a paid admission.  Friday Fun Nights are included with all admissions and passes EXCEPT the Weekday Admission.

Children 12 years and older are not permitted to play on Jack's Playground unless they are accompanying a younger child.  This is for the safety of all our guests.

Have a question and need help?
If you have questions or need assistance you may email us at or call 513-779-5867.  Thank you.

Entry-Toddler (Toddler) $4.00 total
Valid ANYTIME for 1 Toddler crawling to 2 years old (Pay only if they can play!)
Entry-Weekday (Weekday Open Play) $8.00 total
Valid only Monday thru Friday EXCLUDING Friday Fun Night.  Ages 3 to 11.  Children 12 and up must accompany a younger child to use Jack's Playground.
Entry-Weekend (Open Play) $10.00 total
Valid ANYTIME for children ages 3 and up including WEEKENDS and FRIDAY FUN NIGHTS. Children 12 and up must accompany a younger child to use Jack's Playground.
Multiplay 10 Punch Pass (Multiplay 10) $60.00 total

Good for 10 admissions anytime and can be used by multiple kids (each child counts as one punch. Save up to $40! Toddlers count as 1/2 a punch with this card.

Multiplay 25 Punch Pass (Multiplay 25) $125.00 total

Good for 25 admissions anytime and can be used by multiple kids (each child counts as one punch).  Save up to $125!  Toddlers count as 1/2 a punch using this card.